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Scientific American's Bright Horizons 32 Cruise - British Isles and Norway
July 30-August 11 - Locations Vary
Connect with the peoples and places of the British Isles and bask in the region’s luminous seascapes, green grass and golden hills on Bright Horizons 32. Travel roundtrip Copenhagen to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland with scientific experts and science buffs on HAL’s Zuiderdam. Join Scientific American in an adventure in lifelong learning. Deepen your knowledge of the histories and cultures of a region of clans and castles. Venture into cities where scientists and entrepreneurs have been propelling discoveries, applied technologies, and economies since the Industrial Revolution. While at sea get state of the art astronomy, physics, and forensic science and enjoy great discussions and engaging dinner table conversation. Experience the smell of rain on Scottish pines, the speed of Irish wit, the glow of Liverpool’s civic pride and the freshness of Belfast’s cuisine. Hike with a friend and linger in landscapes that foster reflection. Gather new food for thought and absorb scientific progress with the experts. Among the experts is Dr. Richard Wolfson, Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College and The Great Courses professor for Understanding Modern Electronics, Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists, 2nd Edition, Physics and Our Universe: How It All Works, Earth's Changing Climate, and Physics in Your Life. Let us take care of the details so you can unwind. Please join us! See the website for full pricing information, a detailed itinerary, and to register for the trip.

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    July 1 – 18, 2017 or July 29 – August 16, 2017 - Locations Vary
    Dr. Malcolm David Eckel, The Great Courses professor for Buddhism and Great World Religions: Buddhism, will lead this trip. Tour description: Sri Lanka’s fascinating history spans at least three thousand years. Known as Lanka, the ‘resplendent land’ in the great Indian epic Ramayana written around 500 BCE, over the centuries many others have testified to the island’s natural beauty. Deep water harbors provided great strategic importance and through the ages many great civilizations developed here. Today’s Sri Lanka is home to a fascinating abundance of languages, religions and cultures. Join Far Horizons and only 13 others for an 18-day Sri Lanka tour, including six of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites! And while here, experience two highlights. In Kandy, enjoy the Esala Perahera Festival, a centuries-old celebration of Sri Lankan Buddhism. As elephants process through the streets, they are accompanied by a cacophony of percussionists pounding traditional drums, dancers clanging finger cymbals and the rhythmic thumping of mock sword battles. And in the pilgrimage town of Kataragama, view a puja where offerings are made to the dieties. Almost straddling the equator, Sri Lanka’s weather is determined by its two monsoons – one from the north-east and the other from the south-west. In July and August there is a gap in the rains which makes this an excellent time to visit this captivating isle. See the website for full pricing information, a detailed itinerary, and to register for the trip.
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