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Professor Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.

Professor Arnold Weinstein
  • Brown University
  • Harvard University
Literature is not information-driven. Instead, it offers us a unique opportunity to see, even to experience, the subjectivity of others. This adds to our own stock.
Dr. Arnold Weinstein is the Edna and Richard Salomon Distinguished Professor at Brown University, where he has been teaching for over 35 years. He earned his undergraduate degree in Romance Languages from Princeton University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University. Among his many academic honors, research grants, and fellowships is the Younger Humanist Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a Fulbright Senior Lecturer Award as a visiting professor at Stockholm University, Brown University's award as best teacher in the humanities, Professeur InvitÈ in American Literature at the Ecole Normale SupÈrieure in Paris, and a Fellowship for University Professors from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Professor Weinstein is the author of many books, including Fictions of the Self: 1550ñ1800 (1981); Nobody's Home: Speech, Self, and Place in American Fiction from Hawthorne to DeLillo (1993); and A Scream Goes Through The House: What Literature Teaches Us About Life (2003). Northern Arts: The Breakthrough of Scandinavian Literature and Art from Ibsen to Bergman (Princeton University Press, 2008), was named one of the 25 Best Books of 2009 by The Atlantic. Professor Weinstein chaired the Advisory Council on Comparative Literature at Princeton University, is the sponsor of Swedish Studies at Brown, and is actively involved in the American Comparative Literature Association.

"Professor Weinstein is quite simply the best teacher of literature - brilliant, charming, and entertaining.  He makes accessible the commonly inaccessible."


"Professor Weinstein is irreplacable -- he has the rare ability to add meaningful context and color to narrative.  Give yourself a gift -- your commute will never be boring again."


"Professor Weinstein is the most perceptive and articulate literary critic I've ever encountered. Each of his lectures is a 30 minute work of art."

6 Courses

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6 Courses

  1. Classics of American Literature

    Classics of American Literature

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Starting at $399.95 Starting at $399.95 $749.95 $399.95$749.95
    Classic stories and poems of American literature are found in the pages of Franklin, Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Dickinson, Twain, Whitman, Faulkner, and many others. When was the last time you read them? Possibly not as recently as you'd like. Why? Not because you wouldn't love it. But perhaps the demands of your daily life or some other reason have prevented this pleasure. Now, here is the opportunity...
  2. Classic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature

    Classic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Starting at $199.95 Starting at $199.95 $374.95 $199.95$374.95
    More than a mere "slice of life," classic novels perform a sort of miracle, jolting us to see the remarkable, often provocative truths that underlie the human condition. To experience these extraordinary novels is to ask deep and sometimes unsettling questions about our lives and our world. Join us for an epic journey, as you traverse three centuries, sojourn in foreign lands, and enter remarkable realms of the...
  3. A Day's Read

    A Day's Read

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Starting at $199.95 Starting at $199.95 $269.95 $199.95$269.95
    "Great books" such as Don Quixote, War and Peace, and Bleak House constitute a grand reading list that many of us, with our busy lives, can't easily manage. But there's another strategy for reading the "great books" that is truly manageable; one that allows you to get all the power of brilliant authors in a single day. Join three literary scholars and award-winning professors as they introduce you to dozens of short...
  4. The Soul and the City: Art, Literature, and Urban Living

    The Soul and the City: Art, Literature, and Urban Living

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Starting at $89.95 Starting at $89.95 $89.95 $89.95$89.95
    This course explores artists' complex renderings of the humanity of city life from the 18th to the 20th centuries, selecting particular moments and cities to illustrate urban themes such as anonymity, orientation, and exchange. Art represents the city in ways that go beyond quantifiable measures, serving as a record of subjective experience and providing a rich picture of how humans live in cities such as St....
  5. Understanding Literature and Life: Drama, Poetry and Narrative Sale

    Understanding Literature and Life: Drama, Poetry and Narrative

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Save up to $280.00 Starting at $69.95 $69.95 $69.95$69.95
    This course is an introduction to the major texts of Western culture, from antiquity onward. It stresses the uniqueness of literary language, the formal and generic conventions of writing, the position that literature occupies as a site for historical and ideological conflicts, and the continuing human significance of the great works of the past and present.
  6. 20th-Century American Fiction

    20th-Century American Fiction

    Arnold Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Starting at $249.95 Starting at $249.95 $249.95 $249.95$249.95
    Professor Arnold Weinstein explores the works of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, and others in this remarkable lecture series. Like no one else in the world, Americans grow up believing—or imagining—that they are masters of a destiny without constraint. How did this national ethos unleash a body of fiction dramatically different from anything that came before?