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Professor Grant Hardy

Professor Grant Hardy
  • University of North Carolina, Asheville
  • Yale University
Religion offers a window on the world. It's not the only window, but it's a large one, which provides a grand vista of much of human life in both the past and the present.
Dr. Grant Hardy is Professor of History and Religious Studies and Director of the Humanities Program at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He earned his B.A. in Ancient Greek from Brigham Young University and his Ph.D. in Chinese Language and Literature from Yale University. Professor Hardy has received a wealth of awards and accolades for both his teaching and his scholarship. At the University of North Carolina, he won the 2002 Distinguished Teacher Award for the Arts and Humanities Faculty, and he was named to a Ruth and Leon Feldman Professorship for 2009 to 2010. He also received a research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and he participated in scholarly symposia at prestigious universities around the world, including Harvard University and the University of Heidelberg. Professor Hardy has written, cowritten, or edited six books, including Worlds of Bronze and Bamboo: Sima Qian's Conquest of History; The Establishment of the Han Empire and Imperial China; and the first volume of the Oxford History of Historical Writing. In addition, he has written or revised a majority of the articles on imperial China for the World Book Encyclopedia.

"Professor Hardy's course is a revelation. The instruction is well presented, interesting, and very insightful. Most important, it is exceptionally informative."

4 Courses

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4 Courses

  1. 36 Revolutionary Figures of History Sale

    36 Revolutionary Figures of History

    Grant Hardy
    Save up to $215.00
    Alexander the Great. Jesus. Darwin. Churchill. Just a few of the politicians, religious leaders, scientists, philosophers, authors, warriors, and even dictators who transformed our world in ways that still resonate today. And while revolutionary figures have been the subject of many Great Courses lectures, what single course (or professor) could cover all of them? Now, with 36 Revolutionary Figures of History,...
  2. 36 Books That Changed the World Sale

    36 Books That Changed the World

    Grant Hardy
    Save up to $215.00
    Can a book actually change history? The answer is, resoundingly, yes. For more than 20 years, The Great Courses has devoted lectures to exploring these transformative books. And with 36 Books That Changed the World, you can now get a single course that collects our best lectures on literary works that shaped the world. It’s a riveting intellectual tour that introduces you to the profound impact of books from...
  3. Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual Tradition Sale

    Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual Tradition

    Grant Hardy
    Save up to $275.00
    Discover an often-overlooked, but equally important, side of human philosophy with Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual Tradition—a comprehensive survey of the East's most influential thinkers. In 36 lectures, award-winning Professor Grant Hardy introduces you to the people responsible for molding Asian philosophy and for giving birth to a wide variety of spiritual and ideological systems, including Hinduism,...
  4. Sacred Texts of the World

    Sacred Texts of the World

    Grant Hardy
    Starting at $199.95
    Throughout history, religious expression has been an essential human activity, deeply influencing the development of cultures and civilizations. With few exceptions, humanity’s religions are grounded in their sacred texts—foundational writings that crystallize the principles and vision of the faiths, forming the basis of belief and action. These are texts that people around the world live by and, at times, are...