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Professor Kenneth W. Harl

Professor Kenneth W. Harl
  • Tulane University
  • Yale University
We will be looking largely at archeological evidence and analysis done by anthropologists because we are operating largely in a world without writing.
Dr. Kenneth W. Harl is Professor of Classical and Byzantine History at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he teaches courses in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader history. He earned his B.A. from Trinity College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale University. Recognized as an outstanding lecturer, Professor Harl has received numerous teaching awards at Tulane, including the coveted Sheldon H. Hackney Award. He has earned Tulane's annual Student Body Award for Excellence in Teaching nine times and is the recipient of Baylor University's nationwide Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teachers. In 2007, he was the Lewis P. Jones Visiting Professor in History at Wofford College. An expert on classical Anatolia, he has taken students with him into the field on excursions and to assist in excavations of Hellenistic and Roman sites in Turkey. Professor Harl has also published a wide variety of articles and books, including his current work on coins unearthed in an excavation of Gordion, Turkey, and a new book on Rome and her Iranian foes. A fellow and trustee of the American Numismatic Society, Professor Harl is well known for his studies of ancient coinage. He is the author of Civic Coins and Civic Politics in the Roman East, A.D. 180-275 and Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700.

"Professor Harl is marvelous!  Every lecture has information and fresh insight and this is a subject I thought I knew!  Even rewatching the series, I was amazed at how much more I understood and was happening."


"Kenneth Harl delivers! Excellent professor, great presentation. He speaks naturally, he's entertaining, and he clearly knows his history."


"Professor Harl's passion for his subject had me on the edge of my seat.  My degree is in history with an emphasis on ancient history and yet I learned much form his comprehensive approach."

12 Courses

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12 Courses

  1. Special Collection - The Joy of Ancient History

    Special Collection - The Joy of Ancient History

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Starting at $219.95
    For years, The Great Courses has taken you on stirring explorations of our ancient roots; ones that offer countless joys to anyone with an urge to explore. So where’s the best place to start? Right here with The Joy of Ancient History, an eclectic and insightful collection of 36 lectures curated from our most popular ancient history courses. Guided by some of our most highly rated professors (including...
  2. 36 Revolutionary Figures of History Sale

    36 Revolutionary Figures of History

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $215.00
    Alexander the Great. Jesus. Darwin. Churchill. Just a few of the politicians, religious leaders, scientists, philosophers, authors, warriors, and even dictators who transformed our world in ways that still resonate today. And while revolutionary figures have been the subject of many Great Courses lectures, what single course (or professor) could cover all of them? Now, with 36 Revolutionary Figures of History,...
  3. Vikings Sale


    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $275.00
    Explorers and traders, the Vikings sailed from Newfoundland to Baghdad, across raging seas and swift rivers, extending trade and prosperity in voyages of creative destruction. By 1100, however, the Vikings had disappeared, having willingly shed their identity and dissolved into the mists of myth and legend. How did this happen? And how should we remember this formidable civilization? Who were the Vikings? Dr....
  4. Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations Sale

    Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $160.00
    Uncover deep mysteries about the ancient civilizations of the Near East—and their indelible impact on the history of the world—with Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations. This course is your introduction to the fascinating civilizations that often receive only a few lines of cursory discussion in the average textbook on Western civilization, including: the Hitties, the Assyrians, and the Sumerians. Along the...
  5. Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity

    Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Starting at $129.95
    Why did pagan Rome clash with early Christians? How did Christianity ultimately achieve dominance in the Roman Empire and eclipse paganism in one of the most influential turning points in the history of the West? Find out the startling answers to these and other questions with The Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity. This historically focused discussion of the dramatic interaction between...
  6. Rome and the Barbarians Sale

    Rome and the Barbarians

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $325.00
    Who were the barbarians, and how could Rome wield its power against them for centuries? This course tells the story of complex relationships between these different cultures and their Roman conquerors from 300 B.C. to A.D. 600 as they intermarried, exchanged ideas, and, in the ensuing provincial Roman cultures, formed the basis of Western European civilization.
  7. Era of the Crusades

    Era of the Crusades

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Starting at $199.95
    Professor Kenneth Harl, Tulane University’s nine-time teaching award winner, leads a thorough and intellectually challenging analysis of one of history’s most renowned and influential periods of religious warfare. You will fully appreciate how Western civilization changed in many profound ways during the Crusading era, and explore misperceptions and long-debated questions about the Crusades.
  8. The World of Byzantium Sale

    The World of Byzantium

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $185.00
    Open new vistas of historical insight as you join award-winning scholar and lecturer Kenneth W. Harl in this study of the crucial yet overlooked civilization of Byzantium. These lectures fill a gap in history and give you a much wider and more accurate perspective on everything from the decline of imperial Rome to the rise of the Renaissance.
  9. The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes Sale

    The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $275.00
    Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan loom large in the popular consciousness as two of history’s most fearsome warrior-leaders. Yet few people today are aware of their place in a succession of nomadic warriors who emerged from the Eurasian steppes to seize control of civilizations. In the 36 gripping lectures of The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes, award-winning Professor Kenneth W. Harl of Tulane University...
  10. Peloponnesian War

    Peloponnesian War

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Starting at $199.95
    The ancient Greek historian Thucydides called it "a war like no other"—arguably the greatest in the history of the world up to that time. The Peloponnesian War pitted Athens and her allies against a league of city-states headed by Sparta. Thucydides's eyewitness account of the war has been a classic for 24 centuries and is still studied for its profound truths about the nature of human strife. In The Peloponnesian...
  11. Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor

    Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Starting at $129.95
    The peninsula of Asian Turkey, known to the Greeks as Anatolia and to the Romans as Asia Minor, is about the size of Texas. This small subcontinent has arguably seen more history than any other comparably sized patch of Earth anywhere. Professor Kenneth W. Harl discusses Asia Minor's pivotal role in history in this engaging, original presentation.
  12. Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire Sale

    Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire

    Kenneth W. Harl
    Save up to $275.00
    Go beyond the myth to learn about ancient history's greatest military leader and his time in Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire. In 36 spellbinding lectures, you'll enter Alexander's world and witness the astonishing feats of military genius that have made Alexander's name renowned to the present day. An expert on the classical world, Professor Kenneth W. Harl introduces you to all sides of this...