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Professor Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.

Professor Mark A. Stoler
  • The University of Vermont
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison
History is an interpretive discipline in which we try to understand not only the past, but also the present by looking into the past.

Dr. Mark Stoler, who holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Wisconsin, is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Vermont. An expert in U.S. foreign relations and military history, as well as the origins of the cold war, Professor Stoler has also held teaching positions at the United States Military Academy, the Army Military History Institute, the Naval War College, and-as a Fulbright Professor-the University of Haifa, Israel. He is the recipient of the University of Vermont's Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award, the George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award, and the University Scholar Award, as well as the Dean's Lecture Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Teaching, awarded by the university's College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Stoler also has been honored as an author when his Allies and Adversaries: The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Grand Alliance, and U.S. Strategy in World War II received the Society for Military History's Distinguished Book Award for 2002. The book is one of several he has written or cowritten, including Allies in War: Britain and America Against the Axis Powers, 1940-1945; Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's Foreign Policies, 1933-1945; Major Problems in the History of World War II; George C. Marshall: Soldier-Statesman of the American Century; and The Politics of the Second Front: American Military Planning and Diplomacy in Coalition Warfare, 1941-1943.


"Professor Stoler is an excellent speaker and story teller. I enjoyed his sense of humor and his sense of irony. I particularly enjoyed his ability to tell a story and engage his audience. I found the course to be quite entertaining."


"The Professor is clearly very knowledgeable about the breadth of American History and is able to convey his knowledge without bias or prejudice. I learned something new in each lecture."

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3 Courses

  1. The Skeptic's Guide to American History Sale

    The Skeptic's Guide to American History

    Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.
    Save up to $185.00 Starting at $34.95 $69.95 $34.95$69.95
    Sorting through misconceptions, myths, and half-truths about America’s past is a chance to revisit some of the country’s greatest episodes, figures, and themes from a fresh perspective and an opportunity to hone the way you think about and interpret the past, the present, and even the future. The Skeptic’s Guide to American History examines many commonly held myths and half-truths about American history and...
  2. Special Collection - 36 Big Ideas Collection

    Special Collection - 36 Big Ideas

    Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.
    Starting at $199.95 Starting at $199.95 $269.95 $199.95$269.95
    The Great Courses has introduced millions of lifelong learners to some of the biggest ideas out there. Enjoy a collection of 36 lectures specially curated from some of our most popular courses and get a fresh learning experience in a wide range of disciplines. Religious writings that may have been forged; a universal template of world myths; the science of tasting colors—Join us for an intriguing tour of big ideas!
  3. America and the World: A Diplomatic History Sale

    America and the World: A Diplomatic History

    Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.
    Save up to $205.00 Starting at $29.95 $49.95 $29.95$49.95
    How did the United States evolve from 13 colonies into the most powerful nation the world has ever known? How did this impressive change come about in less than two centuries? The answers to these questions are at the center of America and the World: A Diplomatic History. Award-winning Professor Mark Stoler shows you how the U.S. rose to the heights of geopolitical strength. Using the lens of foreign policy and...