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Professor Patrick Grim, Ph.D.

Professor Patrick Grim
  • State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • Boston University
In the end, imagining a world of fact without value is quite nearly impossible for creatures like us. Our lives are woven in terms of the things we value.

Dr. Patrick Grim is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He graduated with highest honors in anthropology and philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He was named a Fulbright Fellow to the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, from which he earned his B.Phil. He earned his Ph.D. from Boston University. Professor Grim is the recipient of several honors and awards. In addition to being named SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Dr. Grim has been awarded the President and Chancellor's awards for excellence in teaching and was elected to the Academy of Teachers and Scholars. The Weinberg Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan in 2006, Professor Grim has also held visiting fellowships at the Center for Complex Systems at Michigan and at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Professor Grim, author of The Incomplete Universe: Totality, Knowledge, and Truth; coauthor of The Philosophical Computer: Exploratory Essays in Philosophical Computer Modeling; and editor of the forthcoming Mind and Consciousness: 5 Questions, is widely published in scholarly journals. He is the founder and coeditor of 25 volumes of The Philosopher's Annual, an anthology of the best articles published in philosophy each year.


"Professor Grim blends intellect, imagination and creativity, not only as he presents his lectures, but he teaches how to connect with those tools, through practical examples and thought experiments throughout the course."

4 Courses

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4 Courses

  1. The Philosopher's Toolkit: How to Be the Most Rational Person in Any Room

    The Philosopher's Toolkit: How to Be the Most Rational Person in Any Room

    Patrick Grim, Ph.D.
    Starting at $129.95 Starting at $129.95 $254.95 $129.95$254.95
    Thinking is at the heart of our everyday lives, yet our thinking can go wrong in any number of ways. Bad arguments, fallacious reasoning, misleading language, and built-in cognitive biases are all traps that keep us from rational decision making. What can we do to avoid these traps and think better? Is it possible to think faster, more efficiently, and more systematically? The Philosopher's Toolkit: How to Be the...
  2. Philosophy of Mind: Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines

    Philosophy of Mind: Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines

    Patrick Grim, Ph.D.
    Starting at $129.95 Starting at $129.95 $254.95 $129.95$254.95
    The quest to understand the mind has motivated some of history's most profound thinkers. Only in our own time are we beginning to see the true complexity of this quest. In the scientific search for the mind, the role of philosophers is to sharpen our concepts, untangle the morass of questions, and systematically explore alternate approaches. These 24 half-hour lectures will make you think, evaluate your own...
  3. Special Collection - 36 Big Ideas Collection

    Special Collection - 36 Big Ideas

    Patrick Grim, Ph.D.
    Starting at $199.95 Starting at $199.95 $269.95 $199.95$269.95
    The Great Courses has introduced millions of lifelong learners to some of the biggest ideas out there. Enjoy a collection of 36 lectures specially curated from some of our most popular courses and get a fresh learning experience in a wide range of disciplines. Religious writings that may have been forged; a universal template of world myths; the science of tasting colors—Join us for an intriguing tour of big ideas!
  4. Questions of Value

    Questions of Value

    Patrick Grim, Ph.D.
    Starting at $129.95 Starting at $129.95 $254.95 $129.95$254.95
    This 24-lecture series with Professor Patrick Grim is for anyone who wants to fine-tune their ability to see how deeper questions of ethics and values apply to the choices that make up their lives.