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Professor Steven L. Tuck, Ph.D.

Professor Steven L. Tuck
  • Miami University
  • University of Michigan
We’re going to introduce the visual markers that serve to tell Romans about class interaction and the importance of urban spaces that create and impose Roman imperial identity and serve in ways that we would use literate works.

Professor Steven L. Tuck is Professor of Classics at Miami University. After earning his B.A. in History and Classics at Indiana University, he received his Ph.D. in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. He held the postdoctoral Arthur and Joyce Gordon Fellowship in Latin epigraphy at The Ohio State University.

An esteemed teacher, Professor Tuck received the 2013 E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award, Miami University’s highest honor for innovative and effective undergraduate teaching. In addition, the Archaeological Institute of America, North America’s oldest and largest organization devoted to archaeology, presented him with its Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2014. He also has been named a Distinguished Scholar and an Altman Faculty Scholar at Miami University.

Professor Tuck has conducted archaeological fieldwork and research in Italy, Greece, England, and Egypt. He has directed more than a dozen study tours in Italy, concentrated on the city of Rome and the area around the Bay of Naples, including Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Island of Capri. He has given more than 50 public lectures, including as a national lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America.

Professor Tuck is the author of numerous articles featured in international journals on such topics as the lives of sailors in the Roman navy, the schedule of gladiatorial games at Pompeii, the decorative program of the amphitheater at Capua, the professional organizations of spectacle performers, Roman sculpture, and triumphal imagery across the ancient Roman world. He is the author of the forthcoming A History of Roman Art, a lavishly illustrated introduction to the topic.

Professor Tuck has taught two previous Great Courses: Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City and Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity’s Greatest Empire.

 "Prof Tuck has relaxed presentation that brings this monumental subject matter informally into your home in a fascinating manner."


"Professor Tuck did a great job - not too dense, enthusiastic, well-organized, informative, and light-hearted. We are now fans. Recommend highly." 


"Professor Tuck is so enthusiastic about his material that you get that "you are there" feeling about ancient Pompeii. I bought his course before planning a trip, and it will definitely mean that I spend more time at Pompeii when I go."

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3 Courses

  1. Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City

    Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City

    Steven L. Tuck, Ph.D.
    Starting at $214.95 Starting at $214.95 $254.95 $214.95$254.95
    In the 24 enthralling lectures of Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City, eminent classicist and Professor Steven L. Tuck resurrects the long-lost lives of aristocrats, merchants, slaves, and other individuals from this imperial Roman city—made famous for its demise after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. The result is an unprecedented view of life as it was lived in this ancient culture and an...
  2. Cities of the Ancient World Sale

    Cities of the Ancient World

    Steven L. Tuck, Ph.D.
    Save up to $190.00 Starting at $44.95 $79.95 $44.95$79.95
    We live in a world of cities—for the first time ever, the majority of the population lives in an urban environment—and reflecting on ancient models of the “city” as a human phenomenon offers important lessons for our culture today. Cities of the Ancient World is your opportunity to survey the breadth of the ancient world through the context of its urban development. These 24 eye-opening lectures not only...
  3. Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity's Greatest Empire Sale

    Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity's Greatest Empire

    Steven L. Tuck, Ph.D.
    Save up to $275.00 Starting at $99.95 $99.95 $99.95$99.95
    How did ancient Rome communicate its civic and cultural values to its citizens? Award-winning Professor Steven L. Tuck, in Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity's Greatest Empire, examines how Rome connected with its citizens through a range of spectacles and shared experiences, including extravagant public displays, architecture, engineering, and more. Featuring more than 1,000 sumptuous...