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Free Video Lecture: Memory and the Brain

Taught by Dr. Jeanette Norden Vanderbilt University Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Download this Video (requires Quicktime)

It's almost impossible to accurately describe the power and importance of memory. Whether you're fondly reminiscing over an event from a childhood vacation, quickly memorizing a phone number or address, or learning a new skill on the job, memory is so interwoven into our everyday lives that we can sometimes take it for granted. So how does memory actually work?

Modern neuroscience has uncovered a wealth of new insights into the fascinating ways our brains create and harness the power of memory, so that understanding this process is no longer a mystery. The key to memory lies in the dynamic nature of the synapses in our brains—a feature known as synaptic plasticity. Far from being static structures, these synapses are able to be continually shaped and reshaped by everyday experiences.

In Memory and the Brain, you explore

  • the different categories of memory;
  • the areas of the brain involved in creating and shaping memories; and
  • the ways that our synapses change based on experiences in the world.

Watch this free video lecture and delve into the fascinating science behind how your brain works to create and use memories.

Memory and the Brain is delivered by neuroscientist and award-winning Professor Jeanette Norden of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Norden is Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at the university's School of Medicine, and Professor of Neurosciences at the university's College of Arts and Sciences. Nationally recognized for her innovative approach of integrating humanity into basic science courses, Professor Norden has been honored with numerous teaching awards by Vanderbilt University, including the Teaching Excellence Award, the University Chair of Teaching Excellence, and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.