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Free Video Lecture: Globalization of Capital Flows

Taught by Professor Timothy Taylor, Macalester College M.Econ., Stanford University

Download this Video(requires Quicktime)

Since the 1990s, flows of capital among the world's economies have increased exponentially. In 2006, portfolio investments (financial investments that don't involve managing a firm) rose to more than $30 trillion. Foreign direct investments (taking a management interest in a foreign company) were about $1.2 trillion in 2006.

Yet the current global financial crisis has highlighted the grave costs of international capital flow. Our current economic situation has shown us just how important it is to get a solid understanding of how capital flows among countries work and the critical role they play in the stability (and instability) of international financial markets.

In Globalization of Capital Flows, you explore

  • the two primary forms of international capital flow;
  • the potential risks and benefits of these flows; and
  • some economic policies that can strengthen benefits and reduce damaging costs.

Watch this free video lecture to discover the important role that international capital flows play in our globalized financial markets.

Globalization of Capital Flows is delivered by expert economist and award-winning Professor Timothy Taylor. Professor Taylor is Managing Editor of the prominent Journal of Economic Perspectives, published by the American Economic Association. Frequently lauded for his teaching skills, Professor Taylor has won student-voted teaching awards for his introductory economics classes at Stanford University and was named a Distinguished Lecturer by the University of Minnesota's Department of Economics.

Feel free to send the link to this free video lecture to family or friends who might enjoy it; the lecture is free for them as well!

Paul Suijk
The Teaching Company

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