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Great Tours: Greece and Turkey, from Athens to Istanbul- Free Video Lecture on Central Turkey

Taught by Professor John R. Hale, Ph.D., University of Cambridge, University of Louisville

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On Central Turkey—Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia

Ankara and Konya in central Turkey have long been popular with archaeologists and the touring public for what these great cities can tell us about pre-Roman civilizations and cultures. Another draw of this heartland region are the magnificent geological formations of Cappadocia, an area of incomparable beauty that, with its cave dwellings and underground cities, served as both holy places and refuges from conquerors and persecutors.

It was in Ankara that the Hittite and other Anatolian civilizations and, in modern times, the republic of Turkey flourished. In Konya, the Sufi mystic Rumi settled and gave the world beautiful poetry that even today sells millions of copies. And in Cappadocia, visitors flock to see the spectacular landscape marked by “fairy chimneys,” pillars and spires of basalt created by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, as well as cave dwellings carved into the soft cliffs. Cappadocia also is home to mysterious underground cities—about 40 in all.

In Central Turkey—Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia, you’ll learn about

  • ancient civilizations and cultures that preceded the Romans;
  • the life and legacy of the great Sufi poet Rumi;
  • the geological wonders of Cappadocia;
  • why ancient peoples built the cave dwellings and underground cities;
  • and much more.

Watch Central Turkey—Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia to learn about these cities that reveal the secrets of ancient peoples, and to revel in the awe-inspiring geological wonders of this historically important region.

Central Turkey—Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia is delivered by Dr. John R. Hale, Director of Liberal Studies at the University of Louisville. Professor Hale completed his undergraduate studies at Yale University and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. During more than 30 years of archaeological field work, he has led student and adult tours to many of the sites he has studied, especially in Greece and Turkey. He has carried out studies of ancient oracle sites in Greece and Turkey, including the famed Delphic oracle, and has participated in an undersea search in Greek waters for lost fleets from the Greek and Persian wars.