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Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation - Free Video Lecture on The Power of Awareness

Taught by Professor Mark W. Muesse, Harvard University, Ph.D., Rhodes College

Download this Video (requires Quicktime)

So much of our lives is spent in a semiconscious state, dwelling on minor issues or rehashing the past. Too often, we resort to habit and routine rather than making conscious choices about our lives. Wouldn’t it be tragic to one day realize that for most of your life, you simply weren’t “there”?

By practicing mindfulness through meditation, you can be more fully aware and present moment to moment—and it’s a skill anyone can master.

In the professor’s words, “Mindfulness is a deliberate way of paying attention to what is occurring within oneself as it is happening. It is the process of attentively observing your experience as it unfolds, without judgment or evaluation.” Meditation cultivates mindfulness by training you to develop deep attention to the present moment, allowing the mind to become settled and centered.

In Mindfulness—The Power of Awareness, you’ll learn the many practical benefits of meditation, including

  • marked and lasting reduction of stress;
  • increased ability to focus and concentrate;
  • freedom from detrimental patterns of thought and emotion;
  • increased learning capacity and memory; and
  • greatly enhanced well-being and peacefulness.

Watch Mindfulness—The Power of Awareness to witness how mindfulness can help you be more consciously present in your life.

“Mindfulness—The Power of Awareness” is taken from Dr. Mark W. Muesse’s course Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation. Professor Muesse is the W. J. Millard Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Asian Studies Program at Rhodes College. Professor Muesse has also taught at Harvard College, Harvard Divinity School, and the University of Southern Maine, earning numerous teaching awards along the way, including the Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2008, Rhodes College's highest honor for a member of its faculty. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and studied at the International Buddhist Meditation Centre in Bangkok, Thailand; the Himalayan Yogic Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal; the Subodhi Institute in Sri Lanka; and the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

Feel free to send the link to this video lecture to family or friends who might enjoy it; the lecture is free for them as well!


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The Great Courses

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