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Great Changes from The Great Courses!

We’re making lifelong learning even easier and more convenient! Check out some of our current and upcoming changes so you can continue to get the best learning experiences possible.

The Great Courses Plus
is Still The Best!

The Great Courses Plus continues to be the best value The Great Courses offers. And in 2019 we are making it an even better value. Membership gets you access to more than 11,000 streaming lectures on-demand, with new courses and content added regularly, for less than the average price of two individual courses. And with TGC Plus, you can watch OR listen to courses through the available TGC Plus apps, including with Amazon’s Echo (Alexa).

Plus members also receive VIP access to exclusive content, a members-only magazine, where you can find behind-the- scenes content, interviews, bonus materials and more. And Plus members always receive elite pricing and free shipping on physical or downloaded courses.

NEW in 2019 — Exclusive Features! Exclusive learning programs and features are now available for Plus members. You can explore titles such as:

  • America: The State of Our Democracy
  • Stories about Great Storytellers
  • Hacking American Elections
  • How Baseball’s All-Star Game Began
  • Delicious Dishes for Every Taste
  • And more!

Throughout 2019, we’ll be releasing more of these new, short-form programs each month.

The Great Courses Plus

Audio Courses Get
Even Better!

For those who like their learning on the go, The Great Courses has some big changes coming to our audio selection.

As CD players cease to be included in stereos, portable players, and cars, we are phasing out our CDs format. However, downloadable and streaming digital audio formats will continue to be available for many of our titles. If you are still using CDs, be sure to look for our “CD Closeout” offers and get them while supplies last.

NEW! Additionally, we have partnered with Audible to bring you the best digital audio experience available today. The audio version of all our courses released in 2019 and many of our current best-selling audio courses will be exclusively available at Audible.com. Audible brings consumers tens of thousands of audio books, including everything The Great Courses offers. With an Audible membership, you get one audio program per month that you can then enjoy through the available Audible apps. Or the course is still yours to own once purchased, whether you are an Audible member or not.

Learn more at

Individual Course Prices Can’t Be Beat!

Been holding off getting that one course you were interested in? This might be the time! We want The Great Courses to be the greatest value in lifelong learning, so we are lowering prices on more than 80 best-selling courses in every format! Titles such as:

  • Nuclear Physics Explained
  • How to View and Appreciate Great Movies
  • The Celtic World
  • Wonders of the National Parks: A Geology of North America
  • Law School for Everyone
  • Biblical Hebrew: Learning a Sacred Language
  • Learning French: A Rendezvous with French-Speaking Cultures

will now be priced 10% less than they were in 2018 when they are on sale.

Our Selection Just Keeps Getting Bigger

We’re always growing! Keep checking our catalog because throughout 2019, we will showcase more than 40 new releases. Topics include:

  • How to Speak German
  • State Parks
  • Introduction to C++
  • The Real History of Secret Societies
  • Plagues and Civilizations
  • And more!

As technology continues to develop, so do we. We’ve already redesigned our iOS and Android apps to include speed control features, and our brand-new Roku app makes viewing our courses a breeze. Throughout the year, we’ll be bringing you even more enhancements to streamline and improve your experience.

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