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Apply the Art of Debate to Your Real Life

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Apply the Art of Debate to Your Real Life

Episode 59
March, 2017
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Want to improve the discussions in your organization, in your house, or in your social circles? Join Ed Leon and Jarrod Atchison, associate professor of communication at Wake Forest University, to discover how learning the rules and structure of formal debate can improve your communication skills, even in informal situations. By applying the same logic that great debaters employ, you'll see drastic improvements in your ability to persuade and influence others, and discover you can better structure and consider your own thoughts in order to make better decisions.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Jarrod Atchison, Associate Professor of Communication of Wake Forest University, lays out the differences between formal debate and social discussions and reveals the secrets to preparing and structuring each—you'll learn you how to flex your mental muscles and practice agility in order to have an advantage in every type of discussion from heated arguments to cocktail party banter. He provides insights into weighing the values when you need to make an important decision. He also provides his thoughts on how we should improve and formalize our political debates to really get to know the candidates better and really hear them respond to important issues.
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