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THE TORCH introduces you to the fascinating professors and experts who create the Great Courses. Each episode showcases several of our top professors in a fresh light, spotlights the great work they are doing, and gives you an opportunity to learn from their incredible insights.

Change the Way You Think

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Change the Way You Think

Episode 47
May, 2016
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Join host Ed Leon, Chief Brand Officer of The Great Courses, to discover Mayo Clinic's approach to wellness and healing, examine the rich and complex history of India, and learn how computer programmers think by exploring the language of Python - all in this edition of The Torch!

Start by learning what Dr. Brent Bauer of Mayo Clinic has discovered about the benefits of complementary and integrative medicine. By looking at the science and research behind treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, or dietary supplements, you will be better prepared to work with your doctor on a holistic approach to your well-being.

Next, explore the multifaceted and vital cultures of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with Professor Michael Fisher of Oberlin College. The South Asian subcontinent contains 20% of the world's population and is a thriving center for global business, so it is becoming vitally important to understand the history of this region.

Last, Professor John Keyser, from Texas A&M University, reveals the secrets of a new language, Python, used to program computers, and see how learning how to command computers also teaches you how to organize your tasks and thought processes in a logical and methodical manner.

Don't miss your chance to expand your horizons with this information-packed edition of The Torch!

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Dr. Brent Bauer of Mayo Clinic, as he explains what integrative medicine is, why a “whole-person” approach to treatment is beneficial, and how complementary practices have been paired with mainstream Western medicine to help alleviate side-effects, manage pain, and prevent common ailments.
  • Dr. Michael Fisher as he provides insight into the evolution and spread of philosophies, religions, and political structures though Southern Asia, and discusses the complex methodologies required to decipher historical accounts from multiple contributing cultures.
  • Dr. John Keyser as he explains how learning computer programming is much like learning a foreign language—from syntax, grammar, and sentence creation, to the multitude of benefits you gain from expanding your communication toolbox.
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