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Exercise Your Body and Your Brain With Three Terrific Topics

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Exercise Your Body and Your Brain With Three Terrific Topics

Episode 52
September, 2016
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In this episode of The Torch, join The Great Courses Chief Brand Officer, Ed Leon, to explore the philosophies and benefits of tai chi, break down the complex concepts of Chemistry, and discover the incredible science behind decision making.

No matter what your age or fitness level, the ancient art of tai chi can provide a multitude of benefits for you. Part exercise, part relaxation technique, the practice of tai chi can be considered a moving meditation. There is no one better to introduce the principals and methods than International Tai Chi Master, David-Dorian Ross.

The formulas, tables, and elements associated with the subject of chemistry can often feel intimidating, but the right professor can unlock the mysteries of this fascinating subject. Join Professor Ron Davis of Georgetown University, as he introduces some of the coolest components of chemistry to help us understand and appreciate the structure of the world (and universe) around us.

Some decisions seem like no-brainers. Or are they? Emory University professor Ryan Hamilton explains how every decision we make - from mundane to momentous - utilizes a far more complicated process than we realize, relying on hundreds of factors, influences, and variables.

But we'll make it easy for you: don't let any of those decision-making elements keep you from joining this thought-provoking edition of The Torch.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • International Tai Chi Master David-Dorian Ross reveal the secrets to overcoming a monkey mind, shed light on what the "supreme ultimate" is and why tai chi could take you there, and discusses his current project with the international movie star Jet Li.
  • Professor Ron Davis perform a chemistry experiment you don't need to see to understand and then break down all the components to demonstrate how fun, useful, and beneficial learning this science actually is, as well as share some predictions about what the future of chemistry may bring us.
  • Professor Ryan Hamilton provide insight into how many factors go into even the simplest decisions, why the act of making up your mind can be so draining, and how the option to not make a choice often determines your choice.
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