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THE TORCH introduces you to the fascinating professors and experts who create the Great Courses. Each episode showcases several of our top professors in a fresh light, spotlights the great work they are doing, and gives you an opportunity to learn from their incredible insights.

Explore the Enigmas of History, Philosophy, Photography, and Math

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Explore the Enigmas of History, Philosophy, Photography, and Math

Episode 53
October, 2016
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We're revealing the secrets to history's mysteries, modern math, and phenomenal photographs in today's edition of the Torch. Join Ed Leon as he talks with four esteemed experts to help you learn to crack the codes!

One of the world's foremost experts on Egyptology Bob Brier—known as Mr. Mummy—provides an overview of how to decrypt hieroglyphs.

Professor Charles Mathewes deciphers the major themes and lessons from St. Augustine's seminal work The City of God.

National Geographic photographer Michael Melford uncovers the tricks behind timing, framing, and taking the perfect landscape photograph.

James Tanton—teacher of teachers—demonstrates the secret to unlocking the mysteries of math is to learn how to see it differently.

Anyone who wants to be "in the know" and get insider secrets from the experts should not miss this illuminating edition of The Torch.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Mr. Mummy himself, and one of the world’s foremost experts on Egyptology, Bob Brier decodes the mysterious, ancient pictures known as hieroglyphs, reveals how they were discovered, and explains the difference between hieroglyphs and hieroglyphics.
  • Charles Mathewes, Professor of Religion at the University of Virginia, deciphers the major themes of suffering, evil, original sin, and more as presented in The City of God—the profoundly influential, yet often intimidating work by St. Augustine.
  • National Photographer Michael Melford unpacks expert tricks and tips to help you learn how to capture locations, allowing the beauty and emotion of a place to shine through by mastering the lighting, framing, focus and, often most important, timing.
  • James Tanton, Mathematician-at- Large at the Mathematical Association of America and teacher-of-teachers, translates numbers into images to help you "see" the visual side of math, giving it a tangible presence and as association that can make it immediately more understandable.
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