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Facts, Fiction, and the Big Questions

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Facts, Fiction, and the Big Questions

Episode 39
January, 2016
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Ed Leon of The Great Courses and three renowned professors present 30 illuminating minutes with this new edition of The Torch. Join them as they explore the “big questions” of philosophy, shed light on a little-known yet highly influential ancient civilization, and embark on a stellar journey into why science fiction is so important to our society.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Dr. David Kyle Johnson as he delves into some of the most complicated and seemingly unanswerable questions of all time, giving you insights into how these questions led to the development of philosophy and how great thinkers over history considered these quandaries.
  • Dr. Steven Tuck as he explores the significant contributions to modern society made by a little-known ancient civilization: the Etruscans. Many of their accomplishments and cultural features were copied by and incorrectly attributed to the Romans, including the arch, the toga, and the gladiator.
  • Dr. Gary Wolfe as he reveals what goes into making science fiction not just entertaining, but also a means to bringing new technologies and ideas to the forefront of innovation.
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