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Fascinating Facets of History

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Fascinating Facets of History

Episode 40
February, 2016
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Spend 30 engrossing minutes exploring two areas of history that provide some enthralling context for the events and characteristics of our modern world. Join Ed Leon of The Great Courses and two renowned professors as they first illuminate pivotal moments in the history of the Middle East, then outline the captivating history of American English, in this new edition of The Torch.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Eamonn Gearon as he examines the most significant turning points in the Middle East over the history of the region. These crucial periods helped shape the Middle East as we know it, driving the circumstances that brought the Middle East to its current position in world politics.
  • Dr. Natalie Schilling as she reveals how American English evolved over the last several centuries, always containing an intricate mosaic of regional, social, and ethnic dialects.
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