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Gain New Insights into the Holy Grail of science: The Theory of Everything

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Gain New Insights into the Holy Grail of science: The Theory of Everything

Episode 58
March, 2017
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Can one single theory explain everything in the universe? Providing a scientific explanation to the big questions of the universe such as "Why are we here?" is a huge undertaking—and one Einstein failed at, but this remains a quest many top scientists still work to unravel. Join physicist Don Lincoln from The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory as he discusses the latest discoveries and if this enigma will ever be resolved.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Don Lincoln, a physicist from The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, guides you through the two biggest steps we've made in creating a theory of everything and reviews what remains to be discovered. He also provides an introduction to the quantum world and gives insight into what it’s like working at The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland—where the Higgs boson was discovered—and if there is a chance someone could create a mini black hole and implode the Earth.
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