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From Robber Barons to Superconductors

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From Robber Barons to Superconductors

Episode 29
May, 2015
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Join host Ed Leon as he chats with popular Great Courses professors. In this episode Professor and historian Edward O'Donnell talks about a time period that ushered in tremendous changes in America! The Gilded Age and the Progressive era - a time of tremendous change in America including: post civil-war reconstruction, industrial and economic booms, taming the Wild West, the emerging women's rights movement, and World War I.

And Chemistry, it's no longer a mystery! Chemist and acclaimed professor David Ball breaks down the entire realm of physical matter into three basic elements and explains how we all contain particles that came from supernovas.

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Ed Leon and popular Great Courses Professors engage in a lively discussion about topics ranging from the captains of industry to diamonds.
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