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THE TORCH introduces you to the fascinating professors and experts who create the Great Courses. Each episode showcases several of our top professors in a fresh light, spotlights the great work they are doing, and gives you an opportunity to learn from their incredible insights.

Solve a Myriad of Mysteries

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Solve a Myriad of Mysteries

Episode 36
October, 2015
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Love watching doctors solve mysteries on medical dramas? Ever wonder about the enigmatic evolution of our most beautiful national parks? Interested in navigating the little-known, yet fascinating, secrets behind what it takes to get published? Ed Leon of The Great Courses and three renowned professors have something for everyone in this edition of The Torch. Join them as they solve all sorts of mysteries, ranging from split-second life and death decisions in the high-pressure environment of the emergency department, to explaining the many reasons the Grand Canyon is so glorious and awe-inspiring.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Dr. Roy Benaroch as he walks you through what to expect from an Emergency Department visit, explains how the doctors deal with high-stress environments and reach a diagnosis by asking the right questions, and solves mysteries where the outcome is a matter of life and death.
  • Ford Cochran as he explains the geological life of the earth, as evidenced by our national parks. We know many of our national parks have awe-inspiring landscapes, but how they got that way remains a mystery for many of us. Professor Cochran will take you through the geological evolution behind how these amazing sites came to be.
  • Jane Friedman as she provide the kinds of tips, insights, and secrets that only a true industry expert knows about: how to pitch your book for publications, how to identify agents and publishers, and how to get your book to stand out from the thousands of submissions received every day. She’ll also review the pros and cons of self-publishing.
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