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Stimulate Your Mind: Reality, Mythology, and Italy

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Stimulate Your Mind: Reality, Mythology, and Italy

Episode 33
August, 2015
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In this episode of The Torch, delve into the factual and the fantastical and grasp how they aren't always opposing forces! From astute revelations concerning the evolution and modern-day meanings of the very essence of reality itself to an in-depth examination of mythology across time and culture, this podcast can't be missed by anyone with a curious mind. Kick off this stimulating session with a virtual trip to Italy to discover insider travel tips and to learn the historical importance and high cultural achievements of this magnificent location.

Join Host Ed Leon along with experts from The Great Courses as they explore reality, discuss world mythology, and offer a taste of an amazing tour of Italy in this exciting and information-packed podcast.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Kenneth R. Bartlett as he extols the epic/legendary/exquisite charms of Italy's illustrious historic and artistic sites, providing you with unequalled travel tips, the amazing history behind these hidden gems, and his own selection of secret spots that you can’t miss. Just a brief taste of the full course will provide you with a new appreciation for this gorgeous country and the wide-ranging impact it has had on cultures worldwide.
  • Steven Gimbel as he unravels the revised views and continuing reexaminations of how we have defined reality throughout history. He takes an in-depth look at how science, religion, politics, and social movements have depicted various versions of reality, and what the implications are of each manifestation for modern (and future) society.
  • Kathryn McClymond as she reveals what links ancient mythologies, creation stories, and apocalyptic tales to the foundations of our modern culture, including the role myths play in how we devise religion, literature, and social structures.
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