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THE TORCH introduces you to the fascinating professors and experts who create the Great Courses. Each episode showcases several of our top professors in a fresh light, spotlights the great work they are doing, and gives you an opportunity to learn from their incredible insights.

Take Your Knowledge to the Next Level

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Take Your Knowledge to the Next Level

Episode 46
April, 2016
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Improve your ability to win an argument, learn how to keep your kids safe from disease, and discover how a master photographer is creating an award-winning project on endangered animals—all in this edition of The Torch!

Join host Ed Leon as he chats with Professor Steven Gimbel, Dr. Roy Benaroch, and National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore about their exciting new courses. In this information-packed podcast:

  • You'll learn how to apply formal logic to win an argument, solve a problem, or answer a question.
  • You'll discover how pediatricians diagnose and resolve both serious and everyday illnesses and issues in babies, children, and teens - and get some valuable advice that all parents can use.
  • You'll hear Joel Sartore discuss his mission to photograph endangered animals all over the globe, as well as provide master-level photography tips from real-world experiences to help you elevate your own photography skills.

If you have previously followed any of these courses or professors, or if you simply enjoy these topics and want to learn more about them, don't miss this podcast!

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Professor Steven Gimbel as he explains how to use formal logic to overcome our natural predilection toward irrationality. Professor Gimbel will teach you why truth tables are not as complex as they might seem, and how easy it is to apply formal logic methods in everything from positioning yourself more effectively in an argument to scoping out the larger and seemingly unsolvable problems in the universe.
  • Dr. Roy Benaroch as he returns to discuss the third tour in his Medical School for Everyone series, this time examining the big problems seen in the littlest patients: children. Dr. Benaroch will clear up the mystery of why Amoxicillin is the go-to antibiotic for kids and shed light on how to diagnose an illness in someone too young to tell you what hurts.
  • Joel Sartore as he provides some advanced tips and tricks to follow his previous photography courses, helping you improve your skills as a photographer. You’ll also get exclusive insights about his current passion project: The Photo Ark, where he is attempting to photograph every animal on the endangered species list. Many of these photographs can be viewed in the April issue of National Geographic Magazine and Joel discusses what it was like to work with these unusual creatures, often in unusual circumstances.
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