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The Facts Behind Apple vs. the FBI

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The Facts Behind Apple vs. the FBI

Episode 45
March, 2016
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You may think you know all the details about the current debate over privacy vs. security: Superficially, the FBI and Apple are locking horns about a locked phone that belonged to a suspected terrorist. However, this is a small part of a much bigger issue.

Dr. Paul Rosenzweig, a Professorial Lecturer in Law at The George Washington University Law School, breaks down both sides of this debate, and you'll discover that the nuances of this story have potentially far-reaching consequences.

Join Ed Leon of the Great Courses and Professor Rosenzweig as they discuss the questions this case has brought to light:

  • Does Apple have the capability to modify the operating system of the iPhone?
  • Should Apple eliminate the failsafe protection allowing all the data to disappear after ten failed tries to crack the passcode?
  • Is Apple protecting their users or their corporate interests?
  • Is this a slippery slope to a legally sanctioned elimination of privacy?
  • Ultimately, where do we draw the line between protection of the people and protection of our privacy?

This hot-button topic is about to head to court, so don’t miss this compelling discussion of the vital facts and potentially game-changing consequences of this case.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • Dr. Paul Rosenzweig, as he uses his experience with homeland security, law, and cybersecurity to consider where we can and should draw the line with encryption. He will explore both the legal precedent, as well as the constitutional stakes involved, and will help you build a more informed opinion of the issue.
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