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To Kill A Mockingbird’s Amazing Long-Lost Follow-Up Novel

To Kill A Mockingbird’s Amazing Long-Lost Follow-Up Novel

Episode 26
March, 2015

On July 14th, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Harper Lee will publish her second book ever. For the millions of us who have read and loved her first work To Kill a Mockingbird - the landmark novel on racial injustice, the loss of innocence, courage and morality, and southern life - this news is tremendously exciting!

Join host Ed Leon and award-winning English Professor Peter Conn as they discuss the astounding impact of To Kill a Mockingbird on American society, details regarding Lee's new novel Go Set a Watchman, and the controversy surrounding its recent discovery and publication.

In This Podcast Listen To:

    Professor Peter Conn, award-winning University of Pennsylvania English professor and author as he discusses the amazing story of the lost manuscript for Go Set A Watchman, and the astounding impact that To Kill A Mockingbird has had on American society.

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