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Get Introduced to the Wonders of Birding

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Get Introduced to the Wonders of Birding

Episode 66
May, 2017
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Going beyond basic bird identification, birding includes a far-reaching look into matters such as bird behavior, migration, habitats, conservation, and the science behind them. Join James Currie, birding expert, to discover more about this compelling, delightful, and multifaceted field.

Even if you don't plan to travel the country and become a birding professional, you can get to know the exceptional species in your own neck of the woods with helpful tips to make your backyard more attractive to local birds, and by learning how to approach birds without scaring them off.

Join an internationally celebrated birding expert and uncover the joys of birding across the North American continent as you cover the core elements of birding and bird photography.

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In This Podcast Listen To:

  • World class birding expert James Currie introduces you to the exciting activity of locating, approaching, and observing birds in the field. He provides fascinating history on some of our common birds and insightful tips on how to attract and view exotic and rare birds in your own backyard.
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