Professor Andrew C. Fix, Ph.D.

Professor Andrew C. Fix
  • Lafayette College
  • Indiana University
Just as the Scientific Revolution gave birth to a whole new modern science, it also provided a powerful impetus for broader intellectual change. Just as a new science replaced the old science, now, new ideas about the nature of man, God, and human society will replace older ideas, the older worldview.

Dr. Andrew C. Fix is the Charles A. Dana Professor of History at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he has been teaching for more than 15 years. He earned his B.A. in History and Philosophy from Wake Forest University and went on to earn his M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Indiana University at Bloomington. Prior to teaching at Lafayette College, Professor Fix held a Fulbright Fellowship and a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. Professor Fix is the recipient of the Jones Award for Superior Teaching and Excellence of Scholarship and the Van Artsdalen Award for Scholarship. Dr. Fix has written or edited three books, including Prophecy and Reason: The Dutch Collegiants in the Early Enlightenment, and Fallen Angels: Balthasar Bekker, Spirit Belief, and Confessionalism in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic.


"Dr. Fix reaches a level of clarity that makes him a model for teaching excellence. And the course content is fundamental for understanding our world."