Professor Connel Fullenkamp, Ph.D.

Professor Connel Fullenkamp
  • Duke University
  • Harvard University
I love that the The Great Courses gives me a chance I wouldn’t otherwise have to teach people who love to learn. I really enjoy the challenge of putting together courses that are engaging and useful!

Professor Connel Fullenkamp is Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics at Duke University. He teaches financial economics courses, such as corporate finance, as well as core courses, such as economic principles. In addition to teaching, he serves as a consultant for the Duke Center for International Development. Prior to joining the Duke faculty in 1999, Professor Fullenkamp was a faculty member in the Department of Finance within the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Professor Fullenkamp earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Michigan State University. In addition to receiving the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, he was named one of the university's Alumni Distinguished Scholars. He earned his master's and doctorate degrees in Economics from Harvard University, where he was also awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Professor Fullenkamp's areas of interest include financial market development and regulation, economic policy, and immigrant remittances. His work has appeared in a number of prestigious academic journals, including the Review of Economic Dynamics, The Cato Journal, and the Journal of Banking and Finance. He also does consulting work for the IMF Institute at the International Monetary Fund, training government officials around the world. He is a member of the IMF Institute's finance team, whose purpose is to train central bankers and other officials in financial market regulation, focusing on derivatives and other new financial instruments. In recognition of his teaching excellence, Professor Fullenkamp has received Duke University's Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award as well as the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business Outstanding Teacher Award. Along with Sunil Sharma, Professor Fullenkamp won the third annual ICFR-Financial Times Research Prize for their paper on international financial regulation.


"Dr. Fullenkamp gives clear and comprehensive explanations of the terms and strategies used in the investing world so that I feel I can now navigate the forest of jargon with more confidence."

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44 Courses and Sets

  1. (Set) Critical Business Skills for Success & Understanding Investments Set

    (Set) Critical Business Skills for Success & Understanding Investments

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $744.90 Starting at $744.90 $879.90 $744.90$879.90
    Forge a link between business success and smart investments in this set of courses. Start by learning the five fundamentals you need to know to achieve success in business. Then explore the fundamentals of investing, and how to employ the right techniques to maximize your investments.
  2. (Set) Entrepreneur's Toolkit & Understanding Investments Set

    (Set) Entrepreneur's Toolkit & Understanding Investments

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $449.90 Starting at $449.90 $524.90 $449.90$524.90
    With The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, you get the tools of great entrepreneurs to transform your ideas into profitable products and services, plus tips to avoid typical problems. Today’s marketplace is very competitive, and entrepreneurs need every advantage they can secure. Get a clear picture of your business’s investment opportunities in today’s financial markets with Understanding Investments.
  3. Crashes and Crises & The Economics of Uncertainty Set on sale

    Crashes and Crises & The Economics of Uncertainty

    Connel Fullenkamp
    Save up to $442.00 Starting at $44.90 $539.90 $44.90$539.90
    Find out why financial markets are so chaotic and what you can do to protect yourself from the next bubble, crash, default, or scam with this two-course set. Study the swindles, bankruptcies, and meltdowns of the past so you aren’t the next victim with Crashes and Crises: Lessons from a History of Financial Disasters. Then, take the mystery and dread out of uncertainty, and get the tools to deal with risk in every...
  4. (Set) International Economic Institutions & Understanding Investments Set

    (Set) International Economic Institutions & Understanding Investments

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $449.90 Starting at $449.90 $524.90 $449.90$524.90
    Take a deep dive into the national and global financial world with this two-course set. Start by learning how international institutions paved the way for globalization in International Economic Institutions Globalism vs. Nationalism. Then, discover the various kinds of financial markets, the different kinds of investments available to you, and the pros and cons of each with Understanding Investments.