Professor Dean Hodgkin, B.Sc

Professor Dean Hodgkin
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Portsmouth
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Teaching people how the body works and so how exercise can be of benefit is my mission in life, hence I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with The Great Courses.

International fitness expert Dean Hodgkin has presented master classes and seminars to fitness instructors in more than 30 countries. Voted Best International Fitness Presenter at the One Body One World awards in New York, he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs worldwide. A three-time World Karate Champion and a two-time European Karate Champion, Hodgkin earned a B.Sc. honors degree in Mathematics and Management Studies from the University of Portsmouth. He continued his education at Leicester College, where he was awarded the Certificate in Exercise and Health Studies by the Physical Education Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the leading qualification in the field at the time. Since then he has accrued a wide and impressive array of vocational qualifications and is a regular attendee at conferences focused on the latest health and fitness research findings. At the 2012 International Fitness Showcase-Europe's largest group exercise event, attracting more than 7,000 participants-Hodgkin received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his services to the fitness industry.


"Not only is Dean Hodgkin able to communicate in  simple terms how our body works, but he also gives a variety of specific exercises to help improve the quality of life."

23 Courses and Sets

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23 Courses and Sets

  1. (Set) Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong & Physiology and Fitness Set

    (Set) Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong & Physiology and Fitness

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $554.90 Starting at $554.90 $644.90 $554.90$644.90
    Learn how to help your body feel its very best with this two-course set. In Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong, learn an ancient art that soothes the mind and strengthens the body. Then, in Physiology and Fitness, explore the systems of the body and how you can increase your overall fitness level.
  2. (Set) Healthy Living: 4 Course Set Set

    (Set) Healthy Living: 4 Course Set

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $484.80 Starting at $484.80 $484.80 $484.80$484.80
    Take the best care of yourself possible with this set of health-focused courses. Learn tips and techniques fro making healthy food taste great, ways to strengthen your body, the surprising myths we’ve all absorbed over the years about nutrition and fitness, and the tips you need to stay healthy at ANY age. Improve your diet, your body, and your mind.
  3. (Set) Emergency Medicine & Physiology and Fitness Set

    (Set) Emergency Medicine & Physiology and Fitness

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $554.90 Starting at $554.90 $644.90 $554.90$644.90
    The keys to good health involve preventive measures. With this set of two courses, you get extensive insight into ways to maximize your ability to prevent and deal with medical emergencies. Learn the steps to take to avoid the emergency room, when you may need to go, and the best practices if you do find yourself there in Emergency Medicine, and increase your ability to stay healthy with Physiology and Fitness.