Professor Kenneth R. Bartlett, Ph.D.

Professor Kenneth R. Bartlett
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Toronto
In short, and in almost every way that matters, historical Europe was the laboratory in which the world you now live in was conceived and tested. And you'll be living with the consequences of those experiments for the rest of your life.

Dr. Kenneth R. Bartlett is Professor of History and Renaissance Studies at the University of Toronto, where he earned his Ph.D. and has taught for the past 30 years. A distinguished teacher, Professor Bartlett has received numerous teaching awards and honors. These include the 3M Teaching Fellowship-awarded by the Canadian Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education-and the inaugural President's Teaching Award from the University of Toronto. He also received the Victoria University Excellence in Teaching Award, the Students' Administration Council/American Public University System Teaching Award, and the Faculty of Arts and Science Outstanding Teacher Award. Professor Bartlett was also a finalist in TV Ontario's Best Lecturer Competition, in which students' favorite instructors competed against one another in lecturing charisma, clarity, passion, and conviction. An expert in European culture, Professor Bartlett is the author of The English in Italy, 1525-1558: A Study in Culture and Politics and The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance, and the coauthor of Humanism and the Northern Renaissance. He is also the coeditor or translator of four other books and the author of more than 35 articles and book chapters on European history and culture.


"Professor Bartlett is a comfortable speaker, presenting information in an engaging, down-to-earth manner."


"Dr. Bartlett is a great lecturer who makes this material come to life, and to give it meaning for us today."

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