Professor Linwood Thompson, M.A.

Professor Linwood Thompson
  • Bellflower High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Brigham Young University
The Boston Massacre, this single incident, more than any other thing, galvanized the 13 American colonies into an idea that revolution was the only answer.
Linwood Thompson teaches history at Bellflower High School in suburban Los Angeles, where his program has attracted international attention for its creativity and innovation. Professor Thompson received his M.A. at Brigham Young University. The California State Senate honored him for Outstanding Achievement in Education. In 1997-1998, he received the State Superintendent of Public Instruction California Teachers of the Year award issued by California Department of Education. The County of Los Angeles has lauded his extraordinary altruism, imagination, and talent. The Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Sanyo Corporation honored him as one of LA's Hometown Heroes for his contributions to Los Angeles students. Trained in classical theater, he also pursues a career in acting and directing for stage and screen, working both with a Shakespearean festival and his own acting company.

"Professor Thompson is amazing! Costumes, accents and more information than I have ever heard on each 30 minute lesson. We all loved this course! Parents, high schoolers, preschoolers included!"


"I completely enjoyed Mr. Thompson's presentations. He makes history fun and memorable. I would recommend him for any visual learners or those who want to experience history in a way other than with boring lectures."