Professor Peter Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Professor Peter Rodriguez
  • Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • Princeton University
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Our economic history is endlessly fascinating. Studying it and learning from it is critical to ensuring a robust future for the United States and the world.
Dr. Peter Rodriguez is Associate Dean for International Affairs and Associate Professor at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, where he teaches global macroeconomics and international business. The holder of a Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University, Professor Rodriguez has also taught at both that university and at Texas A&M, as well as at universities around the world, including on the water as a faculty member of Semester at Sea. His broad experience as a teacher-which has produced awards for teaching excellence wherever he has taught-goes hand-in-hand with significant real-world experience in the realm of business, which has drawn on his skills as both an educator and a practitioner. Professor Rodriguez's private teaching engagements include work with the AES Corporation, Harris Corporation, Rolls Royce, and Visa, among other companies. He also worked for several years in the Global Energy Group at JPMorgan Chase, where his assignments centered on work for multinationals such as Royal Dutch Shell, Pennzoil, Apache Corporation, and Santa Fe Energy Resources. His current research interests include the interaction of globalization, economic development, and social institutions; the consequences of corruption for multinationals; and seed-stage finance in emerging markets.

"Dr. Rodriguez draws on history to remind us that the one certain thing is uncertainty. The world is complex beyond our imagining, he says, and our models, even the best ones, can never perfectly predict what any given set of actions will produce."

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