Professor Robert C. Solomon, Ph.D.

Professor Robert C. Solomon
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Michigan
What I want to ask you is to look at emotions, as I have, as something wondrous, something mysterious, something exotic, as well as something dangerous, something profound, and something valuable.
Dr. Robert C. Solomon was the Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Business and Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught for more than 30 years. He earned his undergraduate degree in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania and his master's and doctoral degrees in philosophy and psychology from the University of Michigan. He held visiting appointments at the University of Pennsylvania; the University of Auckland, New Zealand; UCLA; Princeton University; and Mount Holyoke College. Professor Solomon won many teaching honors, including the Standard Oil Outstanding Teaching Award; the President's Associates Teaching Award (twice); and the Chad Oliver Plan II Teaching Award. In addition, he was a member of Academy of Distinguished Teachers at UT, which is devoted to providing leadership in improving the quality and depth of undergraduate instruction. Professor Solomon wrote or edited more than 45 books, including The Passions, About Love, Ethics and Excellence, A Short History of Philosophy with Professor Kathleen Higgins, A Better Way to Think about Business, The Joy of Philosophy, Spirituality for the Skeptic, Not Passion's Slave, and In Defense of Sentimentality. He also designed and provided programs for corporations and organizations around the world. Professor Solomon passed away in early 2007.

"Professor Solomon is an absolute scholar, but most importantly, his presentations and writings are understandable as a layman! I have watched and read everything this professor has produced and he is marvelous!"


"Challenging, provocative, and anything but passe. Dr. Solomon's no nonsense, take no prisoner delivery commands the attention this subject so richly deserves in an age of confused righteousness."


"The most excited I've been about "education" in a long time, including my college years. Thank to Professor Solomon for putting this old brain to work!"

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